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SE Fellowships

Through our generous funders, the The Independent Presbyterian Church Foundation and the Yother Family, the Social Entrepreneurship program is pleased to award competitive fellowships to support student internships as they pursue careers in the areas of nonprofit management or socially oriented business. Social Entrepreneurship students complete their internships as part of a comprehensive degree program designed to give the next generation of business leaders the skills required to create a better world for tomorrow.

2017 SE Fellowship Recipients

Will Keene is a senior Entrepreneurship and Marketing double major with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship. Will is from Huntsville, Alabama and his dream is to start a business one day that makes a positive impact in my community. Will's internship is with Magic City Woodworks, which focus on vocational training in Birmingham. His passion is to work with companies that are Christ centered and allow him to share his faith in the work place. 

Watch a video of Will's work here

Callan Kreidel had the privilege of interning with Heart Gallery Alabama, a nonprofit organization located in downtown Birmingham dedicated to finding forever families for children in Alabama’s foster care system by raising awareness and educating the public.

Watch a video of Callan's work here. 

2016 SE Fellowship Recipients

Marra Gillison is a Junior Economics/Social Enterprise student from Johns Creek Georgia. Marra worked with Just One Africa, an organization that provides clean water and orphan care throughout Africa. 

Rachel Fox is a senior Brock Scholar from Huntsville, Alabama. She is studying Economics, Sociology, and Religion. In the future, she would like to work with an organization that helps create holistic economic development, as well as shares the Gospel with others. She is also interested in working with organizations that create methods of evaluating economic growth programs so that the most effective strategies can be employed. 

Rachel's project presentation can be found here

Laura Bean is a senior Brock Scholar from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  She is studying social entrepreneurship, economics, and sociology in order to prepare for a career in holistic economic development. After completing her undergraduate studies, she hopes to continue her learning with a master's degree focusing on the intersection of education and development economics.  She aspires to use this knowledge to empower people living in poverty while sharing the Gospel of Christ.  

2015 SE Fellowship Recipients

Casey Cappa is a senior Journalism and Mass Communications major with a Public Relations and Advertising concentration and minor in Social Entrepreneurship from Goodlettsville, TN. Within the Samford and Birmingham community, Casey is involved in ResLife, Campus Outreach, Brook Hills and her sorority. Her passion for social entrepreneurship comes from a willingness to use her talents to glorify God throughout the world. After graduation, she is interested in working with non-profits that reach the peoples of the world with the Gospel. 

Casey's project presentation can be found here.

Nichol Welty is an Economics major with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship from Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is passionate about urban development and hopes to combine her background in church ministry and her degree to help local churches become catalyst points for impact within their communities. 

Nichol's project presentation can be found here

  2014 SE Fellowship Recipients

Madison Kerns is from Clarksville, Tennessee and is Junior Entrepreneurship/Management major with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship. With a passion for both travel and serving others, she aspires for a career in the non-profit sector, preferably focusing on international missions. 

Madison's project can be found here.

Sarah Goergen is a junior Entrepreneurship and Marketing double major with the Social Entrepreneurship and Non-Profit Management concentration from Fayetteville, GA. As part of the Samford community, she enjoys taking part in leading the Women's Club Lacrosse team as Vice President and serving as the club's treasurer. Sarah's interest in social entrepreneurship is a combination of her love for the marketing/branding side of business and the convicting passion of a Christian mission. In the future, she hopes to hold a marketing or branding position for a social enterprise and envisions possibly starting a business that encourages teen youth to participate in international missions. 

Sarah's project can be found here.
Her presentation can be found here.

Daniel Denning is a Senior Management major with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship from Marietta, Georgia. After his Freshman year, he spent the summer in India volunteering with a slum tutoring ministry. This experience inspired a passion for non-profit ministry. He would love to work with these people in the future, and he is very interested in starting or working for a business that would allow him to continue to minister in India. 

Daniel's project can be found here.

2013 SE Fellowship Recipients

Involved in academics and the Samford community, Clarissa Donaldson can be found in many places on campus. She is active in SGA, her sorority, Enactus, Wyld Life, and FreshMIN ministries. She is a Brock Scholar and served as the Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy Program director for the 100 Kings Foundation this past summer. She is also involved with an independent research project with the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama and is currently coauthoring a white paper with her professor. Further, she has been invited to present her findings at the Southern Economic Association Conference in Tampa, Florida. Last summer, she participated in a Brock School of Business trip to Cape Town, South Africa to work with Living Way, a Christian micro-enterprise nonprofit. 

See Clarissa's project here.

Rachel Eller is a junior Marketing and Economics major, with a Social Entrepreneurship concentration, from Atlanta. She is very interested in using business in developing communities to pull individuals out of poverty. In the future she hopes to live and work in impoverished countries, preferably in Eastern Africa, to promote self-sustaining communities. Through aid such as clean water initiatives, HIV/AIDS education, nutrition programs, and business training she would love to work to build up people to lead their villages and neighborhoods to a better quality of life. 

See Rachel's project here.

Conner Davis is a senior from Memphis, TN, majoring in Classics and History with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship.  After college, he plans to pursue a career in higher education administration but is also considering a career in local economic development.  He is interning with TruFund Financial Services, which is a non-profit that provides affordable loans and hands-on training to small businesses.

See Conner's project here.

2012 SE Fellowship Recipients

Meredith Toering was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the oldest of 6 children. She is a junior management major, with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship and Non-Profit Management. When she graduates, Meredith will be pursuing a career in missions and orphan ministry, with the goal of founding and running a special needs orphanage overseas.

Meredith's presentation can be found here.

Chad Fritzsche is a senior from Monument, Colorado who is majoring in Economics and Business Management with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship. After graduation, he hopes to work in the field of international economic development. After gaining some real world experience, Chad plans to pursue a master’s degree in Economics or Nonprofit Management. 

Chad's presentation can be found here.

Katelyn Wilbanks was born and raised in Lakeland, Florida and is a Senior Management Major with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship and a Minor in Sociology. During the summer of 2012, Katelyn will be interning with the Mocha Club in Nashville Tennessee, an organization that supports relief and development work all over Africa, a cause dear to Katelyn's heart. Katelyn is committed to mobilizing others to create social change, and armed with a degree from the Brock School of Business, she will pursue a career in the non-profit sector that allows her to advocate for others and serve them effectively.

Katelyn's presentation can be found here.

2011 SE Fellowship Recipients

Hali Ford is a resident of Knoxville, TN and a Senior Psychology Major at Samford with minors in social entrepreneurship and fine art. After law  school, she will begin her career as an advocate for victims of sex trafficking and other types of injustice. She also plans to own a cafe, run a recovery home for abused girls, and eventually live in Bolivia.

Hali's presentation can be found here.


Elizabeth Gettys was born and raised in Alexander City, AL, and is a Junior Accounting Major concentrating in Social Entrepreneurship. Upon  graduation, her plans include becoming a CPA and pursuing a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management or Accounting, with aims to work directly with or for nonprofits.

Elizabeth's presentation can be found here.

Marshal Pollard: Born and raised outside of Orlando, FL, Marshall Pollard is a senior Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship Major. His fellowship will be done with Woodlawn United, an urban revitalization coalition based in the Woodlawn District of Birmingham. After graduation, he hopes to work with Teach for America in either Washington DC or Atlanta, GA.

Marshal's presentation can be found here

2010 SE Fellowship Recipients

Candace Assenmacher is a senior double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship. She is from Alpharetta, Georgia, where she is the second oldest of five children. When she graduates in May, she looks forward to moving back home and hopefully pursuing a career in Atlanta. While keeping her options open, she is hopeful that her internship in the spring with the American Cancer Society will lead to an opportunity with their headquarters in Atlanta. She is looking forward to her internship in order to gain a better understanding of a nonprofit organization and the overall impact it has on society.

Her final presentation can be downloaded here.

Kristin Mcduffie is a senior from Albany, Georgia. She will graduate in May with a degree in Business Management, concentrating in Social Entrepreneurship. Pursuing her interests in the nonprofit sector, Kristin served as an intern for the Foundry Rescue Mission and Recovery Center during the summer of 2009 and will complete an internship with The Alabama Association of Nonprofits in 2010. Kristin has also been actively involved in her sorority on campus and her church in the community. Following graduation, Kristin hopes to pursue a career in nonprofit management or development here in Birmingham.


Her final presentation can be downloaded here.

Sarah Kleban is a junior Accounting major with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship from Louisville, Kentucky. She is a presidential scholar, a second-year resident assistant for freshmen girls in Lena Vail Davis Hall, and a member of the inaugural Samford women’s lacrosse team. Sarah’s career aspirations include working as an executive director of a nonprofit organization that directly serves impoverished and neglected youth.

Here final presentation can be downloaded here.


2009 SE Fellowship Recipients

My internship is with Seedco Financial Alabama, a Community Development Financial Institution. I will meet with executives of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other foundations to develop partnerships for funding and research while working on a Hispanic Business Lending Initiative and an Art Business Lending Initiative. I will correspond with current partners as well as prospective partners to gain lending resources and to establish Technical Assistance for the initiatives. Researching similar national and global initiatives will be a priority as will be making phone calls to establish other sources of funding. I will work with the current loan fund model in creating necessary loan structures. I hope to further understand the functions of a Community Development Financial Institution, learn skills to underwrite loans, and learn how to develop specific loan products that facilitate community development.


My internship is with the United Way of Central Alabama.  The largest United Way in the state, the UWCA encompasses Jefferson, Shelby, Blount, Walker, and St. Claire counties.  My project at UWCA deals with United Way's Information and Referral 2-1-1 service.  Currently 2-1-1 is financed with general operating funds, but it is the organization's goal to find specific income streams to support the service.  My job has been to identify potential funders (grants, governmental aid, foundations, etc.) and create a database of the information I find.  Additionally, I am researching other successful 2-1-1 services that are run by United Way organizations to see what they are doing and how we can improve our operations.


My internship is at Space One Eleven, a non-profit art gallery. Space One Eleven’s mission involves assisting emerging artists by paying them to exhibit their artwork. Space One Eleven also provides artists with the opportunity to develop teaching skills by working with children in an after-school art program. I will work alongside the Arts Education Coordinator organizing and facilitating projects for the after-school program and writing grants to fund the program.  I find Social Entrepreneurship exciting because of the countless ways to use business to help society.