International Courses

ECON 394 Development Economics (Kigali, Rwanda)

BUSA 399: International Capitalism (London, UK)

This course traces the cultural, moral, and political effects of capitalism from ancient times to present day. Readings from economists, philosophers, and historians – across the ideological spectrum – will be discussed. The second portion details three infrastructure elements of capitalism: an effective capital market, a stable and widely accepted currency, and the ability to manage risk effectively.

ECON 394: International Studies in Economics: Poverty and Economic Development (Lima, Peru)

This course offers cross-disciplinary introduction to the scope, causes, and consequences of international poverty. The course will first examine the various measures of poverty as well as basic economic theory explaining differences in income, wealth, and economic growth across regions. Emphasis will be placed on poverty issues from a Christian perspective. The course relies heavily on service through a variety of anti-poverty projects including local faith based organizations and international non-governmental agencies.